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La-Z-Boy® Spas / Hot Tubs Dealer Program

Sales & Marketing

Sales and Marketing Strategies to Help you Win More Sales

> First Class Collateral Materials
> Quarterly Consumer Promotions
> Factory Authorized Event Program

An exclusive and secure La-Z-Boy Spa / Hot Tub shopping cart will include an online retail store where you will find spas / hot tubs, accessories, parts, water care products and merchandising / marketing materials. This exclusive retail site will be regularly up-dated with news and additions to our product offering thus providing our retailers with the most up to date and accurate information. For example, if you should need to submit a claim for the provision of any guarantee service, our online system will provide the latest information; handle all of the relevant details, and allow you to successfully transmit the claim to our office. In addition to the provision of La-Z-Boy-branded consumer brochures and marketing materials, a quarterly monthly consumer focused promotion is offered to help create interest and stimulate consumer sales.

*Up to two times a year, La-Z-Boy Spas / Hot Tubs encourages its dealers to run a factory direct sale where La-Z-Boy traditional dealer pricing will remain in effect. To support this exciting initiative, La-Z-Boy Spas will provide one free of charge spa for every twenty spas ordered within the authorized sale date. For orders of less than twenty items but more than ten, one spa is offered at half price.

*Certain terms and condition will apply.
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