Lazboy Spas

Year Round Fun

Health and Lifestyle Benefits – Year Round Fun

A recent survey on usage discovered that existing owners have fun in their spa / hot tub an average of 200 times a year! That’s because spas / hot tubs are designed to maintain the temperature you set them at, so your spa / hot tub is always ready and waiting for you. Setting the water temperature in a La-Z-Boy® Spa / Hot Tub is so easy.

While lowering the temperature on a La-Z-Boy Spa / Hot Tub helps beat summer heat, few moments in life come closer to total perfection than those spent in a La-Z-Boy Spa Hot Tub, surrounded by warm bubbling water on a crisp, cold night gazing up at a starry sky. So let the temperature drop, the sun go down or the seasons change. Slipping into a La-Z-Boy Spa / Hot Tub is always a year round fun and wonderful experience. Stepping out even in winter weather, is a surprising pleasure.