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Premier Collection Additional Features and Factory Options

La-Z-Boy® Spas / Hot Tubs – Premier Collection

Additional Features and Factory Options




The La-Z-Boy Spas / Hot Tubs Aromatherapy feature will help you to slow down, relax and further enjoy the sensory experiences of hydrotherapy massage, hot water, and pleasant smells. Easily accessible near the topside control, the Aromatherapy canister can be loaded with one of several “Dream Scents” fragrances.

LED Mood and Safety Lighting


La-Z-Boy Spas / Hot Tubs offer a standard long lasting, energy efficient LED mood and safety light located in the foot well of the spa / hot tub. Scroll through multiple colors or rotating color options to establish your preferred ambiance and illumination of your spa for safe entry and exit during night usage.

LED Bezel Accent Lighting


For additional fun and enjoyment of your La-Z-Boy Premier Spa / Hot Tub, the topside controls, select air controls valves and the Dual Rain Drop Waterfalls are LED illuminated and color coordinated with the mood and safety lighting. This completes the high class, all inclusive lighting package.

Dual Rain Drop Waterfall


*A pair of retractable, energized water features can be found in your La-Z-Boy Spa. The smooth arching dual water streams are controlled independently of the hydrotherapy jets creating pleasant dancing water sounds in your spa and backyard area. The Dual Rain Drop Waterfalls add an extra element of excitement to your spa package and around your spa center and are illuminated with color coordinated LED lights for night time fun and enjoyment. *Soul Mate not Included

AquaCoustics Surround
High quality speakers combined with stunning electronics results in an exceptional experience that is as pleasing to your ears as the spa / hot tub is to your body. The system creates another dimension of fun and entertainment in your backyard and can be enjoyed whether using the spa / hot tub or just relaxing outdoors.

AquaClear Salt Water System


Easy to use and built to last, the AquaClear Salt Water System is one of the most efficient water sanitation systems offered in the spa and hot tub industry today. La-Z-Boy Spas using the AquaClear System need very little maintenance, and the system can be easily installed as an option on all Signature collection models except the Relax. The system uses sodium bromide (a form of salt) to generate and introduce bromine into the spa water which rapidly destroys any microbiological contaminants such as waterborne bacteria, algae, and organic matter given off by bathers. The AquaClear Salt Water System makes the water feel great significantly reduces the amount of time required to maintain your La-Z-Boy Spa.



Our innovative La-Z-Boy Spas iCommand allows the user to control the functions of the hot tub using an iPad, iPhone or iPod touch. Simply download and install the the in.touch app and ensure that the hot tub is within range of a wireless router and you will be instantly connected! With the optional La-Z-Boy Spas iCommand you can always be in touch with your La-Z-Boy Spa. This is especially useful for frequent travellers and second home or cottage / cabin installations!


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