Lazboy Spas

Premier Collection Craftsmanship

La-Z-Boy® Spas / Hot Tubs – Premier Collection 



Integrated Metal Support Structure


Like the roof truss of a home, the “I” Beam Support Structure fully supports the spa shell and provides a strong fastening background for the EnviroCare Synthetic Cabinet. Made
from pressure treated 1” x 3” lumber, the “I” Beam Support Structure is designed to be a durable choice for years of worry-free spa ownership.

Everlast Floor


La-Z-Boy Spas begin with an extra thick plastic airtight floor that helps keep the warm air in, and everything else out. The seamless floor features reinforced construction for added strength and reliable shipping and handling. You will take comfort in knowing that your spa is safe from the elements thereby making owning a La-Z-Boy Spa a simple pleasure.

Everlast Cabinet


La-Z-Boy Premier Spas / Hot Tubs are available in one of two maintenance-free Everlast Cabinet finishes. The premium quality cabinetry is installed onto the Integrated Metal Support Structure. The La-Z-Boy Spa / Hot Tub cabinetry is the ultimate in durability and the finish provides an exceptional natural and premium appearance. In the unlikely event that access is required to the spa / hot tub plumbing or equipment, all four panels are removable for easy service and can be re-installed in a few minutes with discrete clips and fasteners.

In-Touch 3000 Electronic Controls


The La-Z-Boy Spa / Hot Tub topside electronic controls are recessed in the Comfort Rest console and operate the pumps, temperature, lighting, filtration cycles, optional AquaCoustics sound system and more. The controls work independently but in unison with the Personal AquaFlex Massage Controls found in the Reclina-Seats. State-of-the-art electronics protected by special weather resistant materials make the In-Touch 3000 Electronic Controls a reliable choice in the harshest of climates.

Intel-a-Flow Heating System


La-Z-Boys Spas / Hot Tubs are equipped with Intel-a-Flow modular heaters that are mounted in the Power Depot Equipment Panel. The heater is an intelligent, standalone unit that draws less amperage, requires less power and is easier to replace than a conventional spa / hot tub heater. The modular system included a generous stainless steel element that provides fast and efficient heat-up times and constant temperatures. The heater performs well in both cold weather and aggressive water balance conditions

Service “T” Valves


You will like knowing that you will never have to drain and refill a La-Z-Boy Premier Spa / Hot Tub to troubleshoot, maintain or repair key in-line components. If a heater, motor or other component ever needs servicing, simply slide the valve down to cut off the water supply. Remove the component to perform the necessary service or maintenance, replace the component and lift up the valve to resume normal spa / hot tub operation.

Premium Stainless Steel Trim


The La-Z-Boy Spa Hot Tub All Active Comfort Massage Jets feature a classy stainless steel oval theme for a premium aesthetic appeal. The large multi directional and spinner jets also integrate a raised 3D textured effect as an added visual design element giving your La-Z-Boy Spa / Hot Tub a distinguished and high quality look.


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