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Customizable Massage

AquaFlex Massage Technology – La-Z-Boy Spas EXCLUSIVE
La-Z-Boy Premier Spas / Hot Tubs feature AquaFlex Massage technology which is the ultimate in hot water hydrotherapy. The AquaFlex technology includes state-of-the-art massage jets, pumps, air controls and plumbing. This cutting edge technology, coupled with the La-Z-Boy Premier Spa Reclina-Seats, allows each of the spa / hot tub users to individually customize their La-Z-Boy Spa / Hot Tub experience.

The Personal AquaFlex Controls allow each user to program, at the touch of a button, the type and intensity of their massage. The choices ranges from a soft soothing therapy to a full invigorating massage. The La-Z-Boy Spas / Hot Tubs customization features also include 14 different additional pre-programmed massage patterns lasting up to 15 minutes each and include warm up and cool down cycles. Whether you select Deep Tissue, Swedish, Shiatsu or one of the other popular massages options, it’s like having a personal masseuse right in your own backyard.

Premier AquaFlex Massage Technology
It’s Like Having a Professional Masseuse Right in Your Backyard!

La-Z-Boy Spas / Hot Tubs exclusive AquaFlex Massage technology is easily operated by the Personal AquaFlex Control. Conveniently located within comfortable reach of the user, the Personal AquaFlex Control gives you the freedom to select the massage that is just right for you, just when you want it.
Basic Massage Cycle Massage

No Matter Where you Need Hydrotherapy We’ve got you Covered

Massage has been studied for many years and has been shown to have many positive benefits to your well-being. Massage can help to relieve stress and promote an overall feeling of relaxation. Combined with warm water it can improve circulation, alleviate tension, and lets you breathe and move more fluidly. Massage can also assist in improved sleep and reduced anxiety.
Go Ahead, Put Your Feet Up

Reflexology is the belief that each specific part of the hands and feet represent a distinct area of the internal body. Reflexology is known to alleviate discomfort and promote healing by the application of pressure to areas of the hands and feet which break up patterns of stress in other parts of the body. La-Z-Boy Spas / Hot Tubs are designed to advance this wellness.

Comfort Massage Jets – Precision Engineered, Perfectly Placed

The All Active Comfort Massage Jets are custom-designed for La-Z-Boy Spas / Hot Tubs and utilize a proprietary gasket-lock system for added comfort, reliability and performance. The precision engineering of the jets results in low resistance at all water pressures providing a unique comfort focused hydrotherapy experience. The jets are perfectly positioned and pressure balanced to ensure a silky smooth all over body massage.
Directional Jet-5″
The directional jets provide a soothing force of hydrotherapy to boost circulation and calm the nerves.
Spinner Jet-5″
The spinner jets rotate to relieve tension and strain with a strong force of revolving pressure.
Deep Tissue Jet-3″
These jets stream a powerful water flow to ease tension in the muscles and loosen knots.
Spinner Jet-3″
The spinner jets create a swirling pressure in a rotating pattern, targeting larger sore spots on your body.
Wrist Jet – 2″
Jets stream a revitalizing flow of water to the hands and wrists to assist in the benefits of reflexology.
Vortex Jet – 2″
The Vortex Jetsdeliver an intense stream of water in a powerful cyclone-like motion to concentrate hydrotherapy.
Trigger Point Jet – 2″
Jets that get to the root of problematic joints and muscles with a trigger-point massage stream focused on a specific area.

A Unique Combination of Technology, Jets, Pumps, Controls
Personal AquaFlex Control

La-Z-Boy Spas / Hot Tubs exclusive AquaFlex Massage technology is easily operated by the Personal AquaFlex Control. Conveniently located within comfortable reach of the user, the Personal AquaFlex Control gives you the freedom to select the massage that is just right for you, just when you want it.

Comfort Massage Pumps

La-Z-Boy Spas / Hot Tubs include 240 V Comfort Massage Pumps which because of their strength and operating efficiency have the ability to operate at an equivalent rated performance of 4.6 HP. Ingenious engineering and oversized fans allow these pumps to run quiet and cool. Efficient water flow capabilities deliver hydraulically balanced and comfortable water pressure through the Comfort Massage Jets. This gives the user the ultimate in energy efficiency, reliability, smooth operation and comfortable hydrotherapy massage.

AquaFlex Massage Pump

La-Z-Boy Spas / Hot Tubs are equipped with special 12 v variable speed pumps that are powerful but also ultra energy efficient. Unlike traditional pumps, the AquaFlex Pump is used as a circulation pump and is programmed to run at exceptionally slow energy efficient speeds. The pump also has the capability to run at varying speeds, with slow and fast bursts of power, and is programmable to mimic a variety of modern day massage techniques. Whatever your needs the AquaFlex Pump is smooth, comfortable and quiet. Now, if only everything in life was this way.

Zoned Manifold Air Controls

La-Z-Boy spas include the extra hydrotherapy benefit of zoned manifold air controls. These high quality, precise controls add yet another dimension of hydrotherapy and spa ownership enjoyment. Turn the air controls on and feel the added benefit of the soft swirling air bubbles through the All Active Comfort Massage Jets. Turn them off for a more robust massage action. In either position a La-Z-Boy Premier Spa will delight your senses and demolish your stress

Manifold High Performance Plumbing

La-Z-Boy Spas / Hot Tubs are engineered with special manifold plumbing, giving each jet its own water and air line. Low resistance, high flow plumbing increases water flow resulting in balanced water pressure and ideal flow to the Comfort Massage Jets. The elevated mounting positions help to make servicing the spa / hot tub easy and straight forward.

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