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Signature Collection Cost Efficiency

La-Z-Boy® Spas / Hot Tubs – Signature Collection

Cost Efficiency

5 Part Therma Zone Insulation System

Energy efficiency is top of mind for many consumers and La-Z-Boy Spas / Hot Tubs has taken every precaution to be as efficient as possible. Manufactured to exceed CEC energy efficiency
specifications, La-Z-Boy Spas / Hot Tubs are amongst the most energy efficient spas made today.

Our Therma Zone Insulation System includes 5 insulating barriers including the Color Coordinated Cover. The plumbing, shell and floor are sealed in a Thermal Shield insulated blanket. As an added layer, the same Thermal Shield insulated blanket is installed on the backside of the cabinet around the entire perimeter of the spa / hot tub. A reflective foil radiant barrier helps direct heat back into the hot tub and a high density foam is sprayed where the cabinet meets the shell to provide an extra air tight seal.


Multi-Source Heating

La-Z-Boy Spas / Hot Tubs include a unique heating system that maintains the spa’s hot water temperature for just a few pennies per day. They include a highly efficient immersion electric spa / hot tub heating system (see Stainless Steel Heater). As an added benefit, the Therma Zone Insulation System creates the ability to re-utilize the excess heat created by the pump(s) in the spa / hot tub cavity allowing you to efficiently enjoy the benefits of hot water and hydrotherapy while saving money. The California Energy Commission (CEC) recognizes La-Z-Boy Spas / Hot Tubs as an Energy Efficient Appliance.

Color Coordinated Cover

Your La-Z-Boy Spa / Hot Tub comes with an energy efficient, 4” tapered color coordinated cover that provides maximum heat retention, ease of operation, and long lasting durability. The tapered cover permits water which can gather on the cover, to runoff and away from the spa cover and cabinet. A bumper seal extends through the fold to complete a thermos bottle quality seal. The cover includes multiple infant proof locks to ensure that the spa is safe while keeping debris and the weather out.

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